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About Us

We Drive Meaningful Change Through Innovation and Collaboration Across Africa

At Sprout Africa, we drive meaningful change through innovation, impact, and collaboration, focusing on open governance, public-nonprofit partnerships, and social and economic justice models. Our approach includes strategic advisory, advocacy, and fostering new ideas through our Innovation Lab. We are committed to safeguarding labor rights, promoting responsible technology use, ensuring accountability in tech development and deployment, and championing civic rights.

 We partner with communities, organizations, and governments to address systemic challenges and promote inclusive growth.

Collaborating for lasting impact

Our Mission

At Sprout Africa, we drive change through innovation and collaboration, empowering communities and organizations to address challenges and promote inclusive growth for a sustainable future in Africa and beyond.

What We Do

Sprout Africa empowers change-makers through innovative solutions and strategic partnerships. We amplify voices, foster connections, and drive sustainable development to create a brighter, more equitable future for African communities.


Our initiatives

Speak Up Afrika

An advocacy platform utilizing technology to tackle labor challenges in the tech sector, amplify the voices of marginalized youth, stimulate social discourse, and advocate for policies and standards safeguarding labor rights across the African continent. We promote accountable and ethical tech use, and foster civic engagement to ensure that technology serves the public good.

Nonprofit Konnect

A network that facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing among profit-nonprofit organizations for the purpose of maximizing their impact and effectiveness.

ThriveAfrica Fund

Fuels social entrepreneurship across Africa. By offering strategic investments, incubation, mentorship, and networking, it empowers entrepreneurs to tackle social and environmental challenges, driving lasting impact and transformation in communities.

Building bridges to brighter futures

Why Choose Us

Our Approach

We believe in the power of collaboration, impact, and sustainability. Partnering with communities, nonprofit organizations, governments, and philanthropic entities, we co-create solutions to address systemic challenges and unlock opportunities for inclusive growth. Our approach includes:

  • Strategic Advisory: Implementing tailored governance frameworks and community-driven development strategies to maximize impact and sustainability.
  • Capacity Building: Equipping organizations and individuals with the skills and tools needed to drive meaningful change.
  • Advocacy and Outreach: Utilizing storytelling, media outreach, technology and digital campaigns to mobilize support and raise awareness.
  • Innovation Lab: Incubating and developing new ideas, technologies, and partnerships to address complex challenges and foster social innovation.

Ready to thrive in a changing landscape? Partner with Sprout Africa to empower change and transform lives, driving growth and sustainable development together.